The Costs

The NSW Police Force recruitment process is a thorough and rigorous process designed to attract and recruit the most suitable candidates for training at the NSW Police Academy and subsequent employment as a NSW Police Officer.

The table below outlines the approximate cost of each element of the recruitment process.

Note: FEE HELP is available to Australian Citizens undertaking the UCWE course

Recruitment ElementApproximate Cost (2022)
University Certificate Workforce Essentials (UCWE) 2022

$1,728 (upfront)

The UCWE is an enabling course and as such Australian citizens are eligible to defer their fees. Permanent Australian residents are not eligible to defer their fees and must pay the cost of the course at the time of commencement.

First Aid & Pocket Mask CertificateFrom $79 depending upon the chosen training provider
Keyboarding Skills Certificate (typing)Approx cost $75
Aquatic Rescue Sequence Certificate (swim)$10 at approved AUSTSWIM  accredited swim centres
Medical Clearance $454 initial examination
Interstate Driving History Report (if applicable)Small fee charged by interstate roads authorities
Overseas Penal Clearance Certificate (if applicable)Fees charged independently by each country or consulate authority
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