Determination for Security Industry Uniforms and Markings on Motor Vehicles

The following determination has been made by the Commissioner to assist security operatives and companies to design suitable uniforms and emblems that can be worn within the workplace and markings that may be displayed on motor vehicles. The determination is made in accordance with the Security Industry Act 1997. This determination may be further updated or changed in consultation with industry representatives in an effort to establish best practice.

Uniforms and emblems worn or displayed by licensed security operatives should not be designed to resemble or create the impression of affiliation with any Australian or New Zealand Police Service or any other Government of Semi-Government body.

Note: In general there is no requirement for security licence holders to wear a uniform (armed guards are an exception to this and must wear a uniform). If a uniform is worn, it must comply with the requirements below.

  • Designs MUST NOT include the wording – "Police", "Detective", "Private Detective", "Highway Patrol" "New South Wales State", "Enforcement".
  • Designs MUST NOT include any other words purporting to infer a connection with any government body that uses such words and which, when coupled with an emblem, may construe or deceive others that the security uniform, vehicle or stationery used has an association with that body. This includes Commonwealth forces such as the Army, Navy and Air Force.
  • Designs MUST NOT include emblems or insignia having a police design or a close resemblance thereto, or any colourable imitation of a police insignia.
  • Designs MUST NOT include emblems or insignia using a coat of arms bearing the "Kangaroo and Emu with a Laurel and Shield" or any colourable imitation thereof, which in any way infers a relationship to any Federal, State or Local government or quasi-Government Department or Authority.
  • Any indication of rank should be worded (ie: Senior Security Officer etc.). Chevrons, stars and crowns should not be used.
  • The Blue and White chequered band commonly used by Police throughout the world should not be worn or used on any clothing, vehicle, building or advertising material.
  • The word SECURITY should be clearly defined above any insignia in BOLD print and in a colour other than yellow or gold.
  • Any business name displayed on a uniform or motor vehicle must only be the name of a current Master licence holder or a business name that the licence holder has registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and which is recorded on the relevant Master licence.
  • Where a security firm is engaged in armed security activities, any company or business name displayed on any uniform or motor vehicle used in connection with those activities must be that of, or be registered to, the holder of the Category H Business licence issued by the Firearms Registry authorising those activities.
  • Any business name, or sign incorporating the word "security", displayed on a motor vehicle must be accompanied by the relevant Master licence number.

If uniforms are tailored in the style of light blue shirt and dark trousers an example of any emblem or insignia must be forwarded to the Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate (SLED) for approval. SLED is available to provide advice regarding uniforms and emblems and can be contacted on 1300 362 001 or via email at

Any advertisement for a security business must contain the number of the relevant Master licence.

A person must not advertise that the person carries on a security activity unless the person is the holder of a licence.

This determination is pursuant to Section 48 (2) of the Security Industry Act 1997, in association with Clause 40 of the Security Industry Regulation 2016.

For more information about the requirement to wear a security licence refer to Section 36 of the Security Industry Act 1997.

For more information about uniform requirements for armed guards refer to Section 23A of the Security Industry Act 1997.

For more information about the requirement to display the Master licence number refer to Clause 28 of the Security Industry Regulation 2016 .