Members of the public should report suspected corrupt conduct of any person where that conduct adversely affects, or could adversely affect the honest or impartial exercise of official functions of:

  1. a public official,
  2. a group or body of public officials or
  3. a public authority.

Public officials have specific powers, functions and knowledge because of the position they hold. According to the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988, corrupt conduct occurs when a public official uses or attempts to use that position for personal advantage. Corrupt conduct can also occur when a member of the public influences or attempts to influence a public official to use his or her position for an improper purpose. This can occur without the public official knowing they are being corrupted.

The ICAC can only act on matters:

  • involving or affecting a NSW public official or NSW public sector authority
  • concerning conduct which amounts to the dishonest or partial exercise of public official functions, or could adversely affect the exercise of official functions
  • concerning conduct so serious that criminal charges, disciplinary action or dismissal would be likely if the complaint was substantiated.

Reports can be made using the report suspected corruption on-line form or directly to the Probity Information LECC Coordination Unit (PILCU) of the Professional Standards Command on 02 9355 8299 or at who will facilitate reporting to the ICAC by the Commissioner of Police.

The ICAC is not concerned with corrupt conduct of police officers or administrative officers of the NSW Police Force unless it is suspected on reasonable grounds that the matter concerns corrupt conduct of another public official.

Corrupt conduct of police officers or administrative officers of the NSW Police Force should be made in writing and left at, or mailed to, your local police station or mailed to the Customer Assistance Unit at PO Box 3427, Tuggerah, NSW 2259.