Sexual Assault is a crime of violence. It aims to humiliate and degrade the victim and can occur within marriage and relationships. It can be a frightening experience that may have long term effects. These effects occur regardless of a person's age, gender, status, culture, ability or sexuality.

Although women are primarily the victims of sexual assault, men and transgender people can also be victims.  Sexual assault is never the fault of the victim.

Sexual Assault is a general term used to describe a broad range of sexual crimes committed against a person. These crimes include sexual intercourse without consent, aggravated sexual assault, indecent assault and acts of indecency (these offences generally involve inappropriate touching, including genitals or other intimate areas or forcing a person to touch the genitals or intimate areas of another person).

In the period after, a sexual assault victim may experience a wide range of feelings including but not limited to fear, numbness, shame, anger, guilt, powerlessness and/or confusion.

It is normal to experience these feelings.