Online Report Statuses

I have submitted a report via the NSWPF Community Portal and I received a Reference Number. I attempted to provide the reference number to my insurance company, however they require an Event Number. How do I get an Event Number?

Once you have submitted a report, you will be provided with a Reference Number immediately.

You will only receive an Event Number once the NSW Police Force have verified the information you have provided within your report.

I am confused with the different notifications I am receiving.What is the difference between Saved Draft, Submitted, Update Submitted, Update Accepted, Accepted, Accepted - In Progress, Not Accepted and Additional Information Required?

SAVED AS DRAFT - You have drafted and saved your report.  You can make changes to this report later on.  The Police cannot see this report at this status.

SUBMITTED - Submitted simply means that you have sent your report to the NSW Police for review.  This status does not mean it has been accepted by NSW Police as yet.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION REQUIRED - If you receive a message to provide additional information, you will need to provide further information before a decision can be made on accepting your report.

ACCEPTED - IN PROGRESS - Your report is currently being reviewed by the NSW Police Force.  Please log out, wait a few minutes, then try again.  You will be notified via email and/or SMS when the report has been accepted.

ACCEPTED - Your report has been accepted by NSW Police and you will receive an official Event Number which you can utilise with Insurance Companies, etc.

NOT PROGRESSED - Your report has been reviewed, however the following has been identified:

  • Report cannot be logged via the Community Portal.  For example, you have been witness to a murder.
  • Report has been logged using an incorrect report type.  For example, you may have selected Stolen Property, however Intentional Damage or Graffiti should be have selected.
  • Report has been duplicated.
  • Report has been duplicated, however you have provided additional information that wasn't provided previously in the other report.  The additional information you have provided will likely be added to the other duplicated report.

UPDATED SUBMITTED - If you have added additional information AFTER your report has been accepted (you will know this because you have been given an Event Number) this additional information will also need to be reviewed by NSW Police.  At this stage, the additional information has not yet been accepted.

I need more information regarding the report I created online. Who do I contact?

  1. Firstly, you can go online to view the report within your NSW Police Force Community Portal account to see if there are any updates in your account.
  2. If not, you can contact Police Assistance Line on 131 444 for an update
  3. Alternatively you can contact your Local NSW Police Station for assistance.