Feedback on Your HealthCheck

A Multicultural Community Liaison Officer lost their spouse to cancer after nursing them for two years. Back at work, the officer attended a health check with the results showing dangerously high cholesterol levels.

Following these results, the officer attended their GP, and with their help they commenced a strict diet and exercise program, resulting in weight loss and lifted depression; “this is “This is my triumph, my victory, my spouse’s sickness inspired me to be physically and mentally fit. By taking care of myself I’ve been rebuilding my confidence. Our number one priority should be to be fit so that we can cope with what life throws at us.”

Feedback on RECON

Prior to shoulder surgery, a Superintendent was referred by their Injury Management Advisor to the 12 week RECON program; “I wanted to put my injury management recovery into the hands of people of the calibre of those at RECON.  They are people that work in the sporting area and have significant credentials.”

The officer praised the program saying that it maximised the opportunity for recovery.

One Sergeant that has completed the Reconnect program credits it to being able to return to work, in conjunction with their ongoing psychological care. 

“I was diagnosed with PTSD, and although I was receiving psychological care, once I started in the Reconnect program I noticed an obvious change in my wellbeing. I had lost confidence as a police officer & in my personal life, particularly as a parent.  The program has helped me rebuild my confidence and I have returned to work. I had a great team of therapists, ongoing therapy is really important but I don’t think I would have progressed without the opportunity to participate in the Reconnect program.”

Feedback on the Case Manager Education Days

"The presentations were delivered in such an engaging manner that illustrated the challenges and highlights of NSW Policing. The topics were very timely and provided a unique perspective that we have not been privy to. I say this on behalf of all of our staff - we now have a much better understanding about the life and duties of officers in the NSWPF which will assist us greatly in managing your claims" - Claims Manager.

"It was a privilege to hear from the highly credentialed speakers. The content of each presentation was very interesting, giving an insight into the challenges police are confronted with when going about their daily duties. All of the police showed a great pride in their work and are humble about their service. Most of all, every officer presented as a down to earth and everyday person, eager to help. The service they provide to our community is admirable. I feel better equipped in having empathy for my injured workers as a result of attending the course" - Case Manager

"An inspiring and valuable experience that I would recommend for all. The level of empathy invoked for officers across all ranks and roles by the respected speakers and officers was truly beneficial and relevant to what we do day-to-day at Employers Mutual. We were given an understanding into the different aspects to policing. Police work was not sensationalised, no glorified. Rather, we were humbly given an insight into the day of a human being who performs a unique role for our society, who finds the role truly rewarding, and who too may struggle due to is inherent challenges. Importantly for us, I learnt that a police officer is a human being who would also like to be understood. Thank you." - Case Manager.

"Puts my role in insurance into perspective" - Claims Team Manager