Human Resources Command engaged an independent consulting organisation, Hunter Institute of Mental Health; to conduct a strategic review of the Workforce Improvement Program.

The key objective of the review was to determine if initiatives supported by the Workforce Improvement Program were delivering optimal health and safety outcomes for employees.

Overall the NSW Police Force health and wellbeing program rated extremely well. The report cited a number of specific program strengths. Specifically the Program:

  • Addressed the mental health needs of the workforce
  • Provided a good mix and balance of physical and mental health initiatives
  • Offered the right mix of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention interventions
  • Managed a shift in focus from managing injury to undertaking preventative initiatives in both physical and mental health areas
  • Invested in communication and engagement actions to raise awareness and increase participation rates in the Workforce Improvement Program initiatives
  • Supported health screen programs, for example, Your Health Check to identify staff at risk of ill health
  • Provided access to workplace mental health programs for family members.

The report also listed some recommendations to assist the continued improvement of the Workforce Improvement Program, noteably, implementing strategies to electronically capture screening data ensuring that future program development and implementation is informed by the needs of the workforce.

Human Resources Command is in process of implementing this recommendation and others arising from the review.