NSW Police Force developed and implemented the Recon program in 2012. In the years since its trial and inception, Recon has evolved to provide three streams of service and treatment.

Recon is delivered by experts in the fields of physiotherapy, strength & conditioning, psychology and diet, across three regions; Central Metropolitan, South West Metropolitan and Northern Region.  All three centres run the streams of service: Reconditioning, Reconnect and Restart.

Reconditioning is for officers returning to duty following an injury at work. The program is a unique and integrated multi-disciplinary environment to address work related injuries.

Injured officers are treated by a highly skilled team of physiotherapists, strength and conditioners, psychologists and dietitians, depending on their injury and recovery goals. The team works with them to help the officer to recover from their injury and improve their overall health and wellbeing.

The Recon team work with injured officers to develop a plan for their recovery, focusing on both work and outside of work functional goals, as well as empowerment for future maintenance, health and injury reduction.