NSW Police Force developed and implemented the Recon program in 2012. In the  years since its trial and inception, Recon has evolved to provide three streams of service and treatment.

Recon is delivered by experts in the fields of physiotherapy, strength & conditioning, psychology and diet, across three regions; Central Metropolitan, South West Metropolitan and Northern Region.  All three centres run the streams of service: Reconditioning, Reconnect and Restart.

Restart is a proactive approach to getting health and wellbeing back on track. In this stream Recon focuses on preventative health.

Restart aims to reduce the chance of injury and ill health, with a combined approach from our team of physiotherapists, strength and conditioners, psychologists and dietitians.

Restart is a 12 week program delivered in both work and the officers own time equipping officers with the knowledge, motivation and tools to keep them happy, healthy and injury free.

Restart achieves improvements in many areas including physical capacity (mobility, strength and aerobic), weight loss, diet, mental health and most importantly habits around health and wellbeing.