NSW Police Force developed and implemented the Recon program in 2012. In the years since its trial and inception, Recon has evolved to provide three streams of service and treatment.

Recon is delivered by experts in the fields of physiotherapy, strength & conditioning, psychology and diet, across three regions; Central Metropolitan, South West Metropolitan and Northern Region.  All three centres run the streams of service: Reconditioning, Reconnect and Restart.

Reconnect draws on the link between structured exercise and improvements in mental health. We see officers making improvements in many areas of their mental health including sleep, anxiety, depression, stress and trauma.

Reconnect is a 12 week program under the supervision of a psychologist. Officers attend Reconnect twice a week, where they participate in one on one sessions with a strength and conditioner and dietitian. The team focus on the officer achieving their individual health and wellbeing goals.

The Reconnect psychologist supports the officer and works with the treatment team as needed acting as a support and facilitating resources and direction in the program to target improvements in symptoms and wellbeing for the officer.

The Reconnect team tailor exercise programs to meet the individual needs and goals of officers. Reconnect welcomes anyone from first time exercisers to long time trainers, aiming to improve confidence and positivity about exercise and its role in mental health.