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The NSW Police Force has the welfare, safety and security of the community as it's first priority. That's why we've created an avenue to obtain advice, information and online registration capabilities for everyone wishing to conduct a safe party in their neighbourhood.

Party Safe Tips

Having a party these days can be an exciting time when you are looking forward to enjoy yourself. However things can easily get out of control, especially with the consumption of alcohol, uninvited guests and anti-social behaviour. Therefore we've compiled a quick reference guide of party safe tips to help you get the most out of your next event.

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Register Your Party Online

The NSW Police Force online party registration form allows you to complete all the relevant details of the party you are having, in a secure and confidential environment. This information is then sent to the Police Station closest to where the party is being held.

The registration process has several benefits:

  • Your local Police are appraised of your party details
  • It's convenient, quick and easy
  • The process is secure and confidential
  • You are notified upon successful registration
  • Your registration is automatically sent to a Police Station, there's no need to attend in person

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