Information Access Unit

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Please note that if the matter involves a deceased person, please contact the State Coroner on (02) 8584 7777 to ascertain if the incident is a Coronial matter.

Information tabled in Parliament

NSW Police is required to provide access to information about the agency that has been tabled in tabled in Parliament by or on behalf of the NSW Police. As such the following links are provided:

Formerly known as Freedom of Information (FOI).

Subpoena Unit

The Subpoena Unit’s core function is to receive, process and disseminate all criminal and civil subpoenas served on the Commissioner of Police.  The Subpoena Unit processes on average, in excess of 9,500 subpoenas per year.

What is a Subpoena?

A subpoena is a Court order, issued at the request of a party involved in a court proceeding. Subpoenas are issued in both criminal and civil matters by any State or Federal court.

Types of Subpoena

  • Subpoena For Production:  When a subpoena for documents is issued the requested material will be sent directly to the nominated court.
  • Subpoena To Give Evidence: When a subpoena is issued for a police officer to attend and give evidence, the officer will attend court on the nominated date.

In the case of a Civil Subpoena, reasonable expenses, as determined by the police officer’s Command or Unit, must be paid prior to the date the officer is to attend court.  The officer in not required to attend if payment is not made.

How To Serve a Valid Subpoena?

A valid subpoena must be received by the New South Wales Police Force and accompanied by payment of conduct money.

  1. Valid Subpoena : A valid Subpoena must be issued to the Commissioner of Police. The subpoena must display the Court Seal, however subpoenas issued by a Local Court, can either display the Court Seal or be signed by the Registrar or both. Supreme and District Court subpoenas must display the Court Seal and be signed by the Registrar.

  2. Conduct Money: The amount payable to the NSW Police Force as conduct money, is set out in the current “User Fees & Charges Schedule” under “Subpoena Processing – Conduct Money”. Conduct money can be paid by one of the following:
  3. Service:  The subpoena should be served no later than the last date for service nominated by the court or within the legislated time frame, using any of the following methods:
    • Hand Deliver to the Security Officer at:

      NSW Police Headquarters 1 Charles Street, Parramatta NSW

    • Post to the Subpoena Unit, Locked Bag 5102, Parramatta NSW 2124
    • Email   to
    • Fax to (02) 8835 6822

      (Note - contact should be made with the Subpoena Unit to ensure receipt – Tel No 8835 6888)