Feedback - Compliments, Complaints, and Suggestions

The New South Wales Police Force mission is to work together with the community to establish a safer environment through the reduction of violence, crime and fear and provide the highest level of police service to our community.

Feedback from members of our community is valuable and helps improve the quality of the service we offer.


If you have received good service and would like to compliment our employees please visit the compliment page.


Policing can often be a stressful and demanding job in today's society and we realise that mistakes can be made and that the actions of our employees may fall short of your expectations.

If you are dissatisfied or concerned about your interactions with a New South Wales Police Force employee you may lodge a complaint to the Commissioner of Police.

You may find out more information about how to lodge a complaint on its own page.

More information on how complaints are dealt with can be found on the Complaints Information section of the How to lodge a complaint page.

If you are a current NSW Police Force employee please submit a report as per requirements under section 211F of the Police Act 1990.


Your feedback is valuable to us. If you have a suggestion as to how New South Wales Police Force can improve its service to the community please visit our suggestions page.