Customer Service

commissioner_andrew_scipione"The NSW Police Force is committed to providing the community and the people of our own organisation with responsive and meaningful customer service. Ensuring that we maintain quality customer service is one of the highest priorities of every officer. It is what the community demands, deserves and expects. It is also a key requirement of the NSW Government.

The Customer Service Charter simply and clearly states our commitment to our officers and to the diverse communities that we serve. These commitments will be measured and built into our training programs, business plans and other systems. "

Commissioner of Police
Andrew Scipione, APM



Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn, APM"The NSW Police Force is a large dynamic organisation that deals with thousands of customers every day. From extensive research across the State we have identified better ways to engage with and respond to community concerns. We strive to ensure our service is delivered promptly and professionally. By following the commitments in our Customer Service Charter and Guidelines, we will deliver quality services consistently and without exception. We will make every effort to make our customer experience that little bit better for our customers.

The NSW Police Force has undertaken extensive community and internal consultation to be able to better address your needs and your concerns. The NSW Police Force Customer Service Charter has been developed to build and enhance relationships and partnerships with our community.

The benefits of improved Customer Service include: 

  • increased public confidence in the NSW Police Force 
  • lower complaint rates and lower costs associated with complaint management
  • greater recognition of staff 
  • more efficient court proceedings and a positive impact on crime rates through more effective victim and witness management during the investigation and prosecution of crime 
  • increase the willingness of victims of crime to seek assistance from police 

Deputy Commissioner
Catherine Burn, APM

Brett Greentree

"Our customers are victims, witnesses, the community and our internal colleagues. Arrested persons and suspects for crimes will not be considered to be customers as they will be dealt with under the Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act 2002 and other NSW Police Force policies and procedures.

Our Customers can also help us by:

  • providing us with complete and accurate information
  • telling us of any changes to the circumstances surrounding your incident or query
  • contacting us if you need any further information being open and honest in your dealings with us
  • treating our staff with courtesy and respect providing us with feedback about our service
  • understanding that we give priority to life-threatening incidents or emergencies"

Customer Service Spokesperson
Superintendent, Brett Greentree

Who are NSW Police Force customers?

Our customers are the victims of and witnesses to crimes, members of the community and our own internal colleagues and stakeholders. The people we arrest and suspects for crimes will not be considered customers as they will be dealt with under specific legislation, policies and procedures.

The NSW Police Force Customer Service commitments

We will:

  • be accessible
  • be professional and helpful
  • take appropriate action
  • keep you informed

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