Customer Service Excellence Award

The NSW Police Force is committed to working with our communities to make everyone safer and to do this we need to be professional, accessible, take appropriate action and keep you informed. Customer service is one of the highest priorities of every police officer.

Each year, our community can nominate an officer who has provided customer service excellence above and beyond what would be expected of them in their normal role.

The Customer Service Excellence Award recognises exceptional customer service provided to members of the community, and those police who contribute to the overall customer service policy by their involvement in communications, problem solving and innovation.

Criteria for nominations:

  • Provision of customer service above and beyond normal role and function
  • Being professional, being accessible, taking appropriate action and keeping customers informed (as per the NSW Police Customer Service Charter)
  • Demonstrated individual and/or team customer service related communication, problem solving and/or innovation

The nomination period is now closed and will re-open in mid 2017.