Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrol in the University Certificate in Workforce Essentials (UCWE)?

Lodge an online application with Charles Sturt University.

Can I defer my place in the UCWE?

No, this course is not able to be deferred.

Do I have to submit a police application to the NSW Police Force before I enrol in the UCWE?

No. Future police applicants can enrol and complete the UCWE at any time. The NSW Police Force will accept a UCWE transcript showing you have successfully completed the UCWE. This transcript will be accepted for three years following completion, so you have plenty of time to prepare for submitting a police application with the NSW Police Force.

Why do I have to complete the UCWE to join the NSW Police Force?

This course is designed to better prepare applicants for the Associate Degree in Policing Practice and a career with the NSW Police Force.

Does completing the UCWE guarantee me entry to the NSW Police Force?

No. Achieving the UCWE will help prepare for a career in the NSW Police Force, however it does not guarantee recruitment, training or selection as a policing student.

What will I study in the UCWE?

Please visit the Course structure page for a full list of the modules and module information.

Is the UCWE available for full-time and online education?

The UCWE is available for online, distance education study, or full-time. To register your interest for a full-time option, send us an email with your contact information.

How long does the UCWE take to complete?

This course takes 12 weeks by online, distance education or five weeks face-to-face.

Do I need a computer or laptop to do the UCWE?

Yes. Visit the About the course page for information technology requirements.

Do I get a grade score for completing the UCWE?

Yes. Students who successfully complete the UCWE will be graded as Pass, Credit, Distinction or High Distinction.

How much does the UCWE cost?

The cost of study in 2018 is $1,580 (upfront) for each equivalent 8 point subject. Rates and income thresholds quoted are as at 2018 and are subject to annual review Further information about FEE-HELP and deferring fees is available on the Cost of study page.

What do I have to do to pass the UCWE?

You will need to successfully complete online assessments and activities, as well as undertaking a final written examination at an examination centre in Dubbo, Port Macquarie, Sydney or Wagga Wagga.

Can I apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

No. Recognition of Prior Learning will not be awarded for the UCWE.

What happens if I fail?

Students can re-enrol.

Can I repeat the UCWE to gain a better final grade?


I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Justice Studies (Policing) or the Bachelor of Policing. Do I have to complete the UCWE?

Yes. All applicants seeking a career in the NSW Police Force must successfully complete the UCWE as part of the mandatory requirements to lodge a police application with the NSW Police Force.

What happens after I complete the UCWE?

Once you successfully complete the UCWE and receive your student transcript, you can lodge a police application for the NSW Police Force.

Can I complete the Police Entrance Examination (literacy and reasoning assessment) before the UCWE?

Yes. The NSW Police Force literacy and reasoning assessments are known as the Police Entrance Examination. The tests can be completed either before or after completing the UCWE. To learn more about the Police Entrance Examination, visit the Police Entrance Examination page.

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