Cost of Study

Cost of Studying and Course Fees

Before accepting an offer, you should give careful consideration to your financial situation. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in a position to complete your study at the NSW Police Academy, Goulburn.

If you undertake the course without adequate financial support, you may need to withdraw at a later date. In such a case, you would be responsible for any costs incurred during your incomplete period of study at the NSW Police Academy. In order to determine your financial capacity to undertake the ADPP, please use the information provided about Income and Expenses to help you budget.



You must be able to meet these costs yourself, as financial assistance is not normally available for these expenses.

Other Expenses

When calculating your expenses, include the following items that are commonly overlooked:

Subject Tuition Fees

Rates for 2018 are $1,052 (upfront) or $1,315 (deferred) for each equivalent 8 point subject. Rates and income thresholds quoted are as at 2018 and are subject to annual review.
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