Do you wish to acquire a firearm?

If you wish to acquire a firearm on your licence or permit, you must first make application to the NSW Firearms Registry for a Permit to Acquire a firearm.

The acquisition or supply of any firearm must be conducted by a licensed NSW Firearms Dealer.

PTA Application Forms

Permit to Acquire application forms are now available from your firearms dealer or shooting club, making them much easier and quicker to obtain.

Alternatively, you may email and request the forms be posted to you. If you are emailing, you must include your name and address, the number of forms you require (one form for each firearm you wish to purchase) and whether you require Longarm and/or Handgun application forms. Please allow up to 10 days for you to receive the forms in the mail.

Upon completion the PTA application form must be returned to the Firearms Registry for processing. Remember, you may only make application for one firearm per application form.

When the PTA is issued it will be posted to you and you may then acquire your firearm on presentation of the issued PTA to your firearms dealer.

Please Note: If you pay for your PTA using the credit card authority on the reverse of the PTA application form, your bank statement will show payment to the NSW Police Force.

Sample Forms & Fact Sheets

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