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Over 1,000 fined for using a phone or not wearing a seat belt in one-day Operation - Operation Compliance 2

Thursday, 13 July 2017 11:12:23 AM

Officers from the State’s Traffic and Highway Patrol Command issued more than 1,000 tickets for mobile phone and seatbelt offences in a one-day state-wide traffic operation.

The infringements were issued during Operation Compliance 2 which ran yesterday (Wednesday 12 July 2017), targeting dangerous driver behaviour.

During the operation, officers continued to see people disobeying the law, with officers issuing 713 infringements for mobile phone offences, and 317 infringements for people not wearing seatbelts.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith of the State’s Traffic and Highway Patrol Command said seatbelts and mobile phone offences put all road-users at risk.

“So far this year, 195 people have died on NSW roads. It is risky and selfish behaviour that is costing these lives in many instances.

“To have more than 1,000 booked in a single day for mobile phone and seatbelt offences shows a lack of responsibility by many drivers and other road users.

“Simply put, seatbelts save lives. Despite them being compulsory since 1971, people still seem to ignore the basic task of putting a belt on as they enter their vehicle.

“Using a mobile phone while driving means a driver’s eyes are off the road and their concentration is somewhere other than driving, which is putting all road users at risk.

“We run Operation Compliance throughout the year specifically focussed on key risks to drivers, their passengers, and others on our roads in the hope we can change driver behaviour.

“These operations will continue until everyone can comply with simple road rules,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Smith said.