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Operation Pedro Focussing on cycling and pedestrian safety - Sydney CBD

Thursday, 06 July 2017 03:27:43 AM

Officers from the Traffic and Highway Patrol, along with Surry Hills, Sydney City, Redfern, Leichhardt, Newtown, Rose Bay, Kings Cross and Harbourside Local Area Commands will be out in force today to conduct Operation Pedro 5, focussing on cyclist and pedestrian safety in the Sydney CBD and surrounding road networks.

The high-visibility operation will run today (Thursday 6 July 2017) from 6am to 6pm and will focus on non-compliance by cyclists for helmet use and other riding offences, and pedestrian offences in areas where there is a high volume of pedestrians and cyclists.

The aim of the operation is to raise awareness about road safety in the cycling community and among pedestrians, and to promote safe road use.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith of the Traffic & Highway Patrol Command, said the operation is one of many ongoing operations aimed at minimising road trauma.

“Tragically, two cyclists and 26 pedestrians have died in crashes in New South Wales already this year . Operations like this aim to prevent further avoidable deaths on our roads.

“Today’s operation is all about raising awareness in the community about cycle and pedestrian safety.

"We need cyclists and pedestrians to do the right thing to ensure the safety of themselves and others,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Smith said.