Our Social Media Footprint

Our Social Media Footprint

FB Logo

  • Information on state-wide crime and arrests.
  • Customer service.
  • Crime prevention tips.
  • Major event information.
  • Appeals for information.

Twitter Logo

  • #Breaking news on state-wide crime and arrests.
  • Customer Service.
  • Crime prevention tips.
  • Emergency alerts.
  • Appeals for information.

Linkedin logo

  • Corporate News updates
  • Recruitment updates.
  • Career information.
  • Business & industry engagement.

Instagram Logo

  • Photos from police events.
  • Historical photographs.
  • Community engagement photographs.

Snapchat logo

  • Operational Policing content.
  • Missing persons 25 years old and under.
  • Community engagement with a younger demographic.
  • light-hearted images.

Periscope Banner

  • Live streaming of press conferences and police events to Twitter.
  • Crime prevention and community issue advice.

YouTube Logo

  • Arrest footage.
  • Community engagement videos.
  • Crime prevention videos.
  • CCTV video.
  • Appeals for information.

Weibo Logo

  • Improved communication with international students in NSW.
  • Developing a closer bond with the Chinese community.
  • Crime prevention tips.