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Parties should be a fun way for kids to socialise and enjoy themselves, but importantly - parties need to be safe!

Although most celebrations go off without a hitch, sometime things go wrong. The consequences of parties going wrong can be traumatic - from issues such as home damage or financial loss; to legal implications and psychological trauma.

Parties that do go wrong are usually poorly planned and disorganised. Good planning can reduce the risk of potential problems before the party begins, saving difficulties later on. provides information to help you minimise the risks so that you and your guests can have a fun and hassle-free party.

The site provides strategies to help make your party safe and enjoyable, as well as an online notification form to notify police of your party.

By notifying NSW Police of your party you will ensure that if things go wrong, police have the information needed to help. There are many things to consider when planning a party, but remember, pre-planning is the best policy to make your party a great success!

Notify Police of your Party Here

Message from Assistant Commissioner Carlene York APM

The NSW Police Force is committed to working with young people to enhance positive relationship between youth and police and to promote a safer NSW. The well-being of our young people should be paramount for everyone in the community – police, parents, friends and neighbours.

One of the initiatives developed by the NSW Police Force to assist in establishing communication with youth is the website This website contains tips about how to hold a safe party and provides the opportunity to notify police online of upcoming parties.

By informing and engaging our young people, we aim to ensure our kids can have fun in a safe environment.

I encourage young people and their parents to visit

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