Registration and Login

To ensure report information is always kept secure and confidential,  a MyServiceNSW account which has been 'Linked' to the NSW Police Force is require to create an online police report within the NSW Police Force Community Portal.

Don't have a MyServiceNSW Account?

It is very simple to create a new MyServiceNSW account directly from the home page of the NSW Police Force Community Portal.  Simply click on the REGISTER button on the home page of the Community Portal to commence registration.  You will be redirected to the Service NSW website and taken through the entire process of account creation and Linking.

Already have a MyServiceNSW Account?

You can use your existing account to login to the NSW Police Force Community Portal.   Upon logon the NSW Police Force Community Portal will automatically identify that your MyServiceNSW Account is not yet Linked to the NSW Police Force and you will be automatically redirected to go through a Linking verification process.

What is Linking?

Your MyServiceNSW Account must be 'Linked' to the NSW Police Force, through Service NSW  to enable the creation of an online police report.  The Linking process takes you through a government Document Verification Service which identifies you against your Australian documentation.

Identification documents which can be used are:

  • Australian Driver Licence
  • Australian Passport
  • Australian Visa
  • Australian Medicare Card
  • Australian Birth Certificate
  • Australian Marriage Certificate
  • Australian Change of Name Certificate
  • Australian Certificates of Registration by Descent
  • Australian Citizenship Certificates
  • Australian ImmiCard

Who keeps the information on your MyServiceNSW Account?

Any details used to create a MyServiceNSW Account and/or information you have provided to verify yourself through the Documentation Verification Linking process are securely held by Service NSW.  No logon account information is available to the NSW Police Force.

Do you need to Link every time you create an online report?

Linking your MyServiceNSW Account to the NSW Police Force only needs to be completed once.   As long as your MyServiceNSW Account is active, you will be access your online reports.

Having difficulties creating your MyServiceNSW Account and/or Linking to the NSW Police Force?

Please contact Service NSW call centre on 13 77 88.

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