Criminal Infringement Notices

Increased police powers

Since  November 1, 2007 police have been able to issue Criminal Infringement Notices (CINs) for certain criminal offences as an on-the-spot fine. This is an additional option for police and is not available to all offenders.

Chapter 7, Part 3 of the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 permits police officers to issue penalty notices known as Criminal Infringement Notices (CINs) for prescribed offences. The Criminal Procedure Regulation 2010 identifies the prescribed criminal offences for which police are permitted to serve a Criminal Infringement Notice (CIN) on a person whom they reasonably believe has committed the prescribed offence.

A CIN can be issued for the following seven criminal offence categories:

  1. Stealing (less than $300) - fine of $300
  2. Offensive Language - fine of $150
  3. Offensive Behaviour - fine of $200
  4. Unlawful entry of a vehicle/boat - fine of $250
  5. Obstruct Traffic - fine of $200
  6. Goods in Custody - fine of $350
  7. Continuation of intoxicated and disorderly behaviour following move on direction - fine of $200

NOTE: Fine amounts quoted as at January 2012.

Like other penalty notices, the CIN must be paid within 21 days of issuing. The option is available to elect to have the matter heard before a court by completing the court election form, for more information visit the State Debt Recovery Office website

For further information on your rights and responsibilities download a CINs fact sheet.
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