Safely Home Program

A joint Alzheimer's Australia and NSW Police Force initiative

Safely Home provides rapid and accurate identification and the safe return home of a person who has wandered. This person may have dementia or an intellectual or other disability.

When a person at risk of wandering is registered with Safely Home, they receive a stainless steel bracelet to wear at all times. This bracelet features a toll free telephone number and a personal identification number that is linked to the NSW Police Force Safely Home Database. This database is accessible to police 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and includes a detailed description of the person, contact information, previous residential addresses and likely locations that they may visit. All information on the database is confidential.

When someone finds a lost person registered with the Safely Home Program, they simply call the toll free number and quote the personal identification number on the bracelet. The police then make arrangements to ensure the lost person is returned home safely. Carers can also use Safely Home to instigate the search for a lost person by contacting their local police station and filing a Missing Persons Report. Police then use the Safely Home database to initiate their enquiries.

To obtain an information kit on the Safely Home Program, please telephone the National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500 or visit the Alzheimer's Australia website at

If you find someone who is lost and appears to be suffering dementia or an intellectual or other disability, and they are not wearing a Safely Home Bracelet, please contact or attend the nearest police station, where police will assist to get the person home safely.