Other Agencies

Who will help you?

There are many agencies that specialise in finding missing people. These agencies have national and international contacts. The people who work at these agencies understand how you feel. Some of them have actually experienced the trauma of someone they care about go missing. They want to help you. They all work as a team and work tirelessly to find each missing person.

The following agencies will help you:

The NSW Police Force Missing Persons Unit is highly respected and coordinates inquiries within Australia and overseas. NSW Police successfully locates 99% of all persons reported missing. They investigate every reported case.

The Salvation Army Missing Persons Bureau provides an international service that covers 92 countries. Their mission is to re-unite and reconcile family members.

The Australian Red Cross Tracing Unit undertakes to assemble and cross reference all available information about the missing person and thus help -re-establish family contact.

Other agencies such as the Family and Friends of Missing Persons can provide comfort and support to families. They've been there, they know how you feel.

Alzheimer's Australia (NSW) is engaged in a joint project with the NSW Police Force called Safely Home.

It is important for people to be aware that being reported missing is not a crime and that it is the aim of the New South Wales Police Force to ascertain if the missing person is safe and well.