Internet Safety

A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety

As a parent, you wouldn't think of leaving your children alone in a strange neighbourhood, allowing them to stroll through an adult bookstore or let them wander aimlessly on a busy street or highway. Similarly, no responsible parent would permit their child to have secret meetings with strangers.

The Internet, with all its benefits, presents new dangers to kids and parents need to be aware of those dangers. Parents need to be involved with their children's Internet experience. Teaching children how to handle themselves on the Internet is important. There are also filtering software packages and web site rating schemes designed to help parents guide their children's Internet experience while still allowing that child Internet independence.

This guide has been designed to provide some basic information on what to look for and who to contact if a situation arises that requires assistance from an outside agency.

In this new and dynamic environment we all need to work together to protect those who need us most. A bit of prevention is worth a gigabyte of cure.