Prevention and Reduction of Family Violence - An Australasian Policing Strategy

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In 2006, Chief Commissioner Nixon, Victoria Police, and former Commissioner Moroney, NSWPF co-hosted a conference that brought together police, who were experts in the field of Domestic and Family Violence, from all of the Australian States and Territories, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore to discuss the issue of Domestic and Family Violence. From that first conference, a commitment was made by all of the Australian Police Forces, together with New Zealand Police, to develop a single strategy to form a unified front against the challenge that Domestic and Family Violence presents to the policing and wider community.

The development of Australasian Policing Strategy for the Prevention and Reduction of Family Violence (PDF, 1.5MB) has been progressed to the point where all of the Commissioners agreed on the approach that had been proposed. This launch on White Ribbon Day, 25 November 2008, coincides with simultaneous launches in each of the other Australian States as well as in New Zealand.

The Ten Priorities for Action as outlined in the Prevention & Reduction of Family Violence Policing Strategy are:

  1. Education and Training: Improved investigation and management of family violence
  2. Research and Knowledge Base: Sharing success across jurisdictions
  3. Police and Legal Responses: Influence policy and legal reform
  4. Incident Response: greater consistency
  5. Early Intervention: Shift from reaction to prevention
  6. Communication and Information Sharing: Remove barriers between jurisdictions and agencies
  7. Diverse and Emerging Communities: Instilling confidence of the police role
  8. Indigenous Family Violence: address overrepresentation as victims and offenders
  9. Children at Risk: protect children from Family Violence
  10. People affected by Family Violence: Ensure responses reflect the needs of victims

Police generally provide the first response to family violence incidents, and all too often see the effect family violence has upon victims, families and whole communities.

The Strategy is embraced by police at every level. It supports the right of every adult and child to a safe environment, and demonstrates the commitment of all police to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.