Same-Sex Abuse

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Domestic Violence in Same-Sex Relationships

The characteristics of abuse and impact of domestic violence in same sex relationships are, with some exceptions and variations, the same as the characteristics of domestic and family violence in heterosexual relationships. In all cases the NSW Police Force response will be the same. Police will investigate all reports and can apply for an AVO for the protection of the victim.

To find out more information on same sex domestic violence, including what to do if you are experiencing it, recovering from it, helping a friend or family member, go to the website of the AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) - Another Closet - Domestic Violence In Gay and Lesbian Relationships

The site includes an interactive 'Relationship Checklist' designed to help people assess whether they or a friend are experiencing domestic violence, real stories of survivors of domestic violence and a service provider page.

It also has practical information on what to do if you are experiencing domestic violence and tips for recovering, helping a friend or relative and where to get help.

NSWPF have a number of Gay & Lesbian Liaison Officers (GLLOs) located at various Local Area Commands. To locate a GLLO contact your Local Police Station.