Community Safety Precinct Committees (CSPCs)

Community Safety Precinct Committees (CSPCs) provide an opportunity for local Councils and community members to meet with Police Local Area Commanders and share their perspective on local crime and safety issues. It provides the opportunity for community members and business owners to get involved in strategies designed to address local crime concerns. It also provides an opportunity for Local Area Commanders to promote accurate local crime information and raise awareness of crime prevention approaches.

The purpose of CSPCs is to:

  • Ensure Local Area Commanders are communicating to their local communities;
  • Encourage community partnerships to reduce crime and the fear of crime;
  • Develop local solutions to local crime in partnership with local stakeholders;
  • Improve public safety and reduce the fear of crime at a local level;
  • Raise understanding of the relationship between policing and crime reduction; and
  • Ensure Commanders take into account local community views on police visibility, police deployment and crime hotspots when deciding police tasking and deployment.

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