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What is the Neighbourhood Watch Program?

The Neighbourhood Watch program is one of a range of crime prevention and community safety strategies currently in use within NSW. Since 1984, when the program was first introduced, the NSW Police Force has supported the NHW program in those communities that have demonstrated their ongoing support for it. The program itself is not funded at a community level by the NSW Police Force, or any other government organisation. Instead, Neighbourhood Watch is resourced through fund-raising, sponsorships and grants and has at its core, dedicated volunteers in each local community.

Neighbourhood Watch is a community based, crime prevention organisation that aims to reduce localised crime and fear of crime by promoting and coordinating multifaceted approaches to prevention and problem solving. It is part of the broader Neighbourhood Watch Australasia organisation, of which, the NSW Police Force is a participating Board member.

Objectives of the Program

The key operating principles for the NSW Police Force with NHW groups in NSW are:

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The NSW Police Force supports the NHW crime prevention initiative in NSW

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Local Area Commands are the point of contact with NHW groups

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NHW groups are not governed or operated by the NSW Police Force

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NHW groups may engage with the NSW Police Force in crime prevention initiatives through Eyewatch and Community Safety Precinct Committees (CSPC) and meetings

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Local Area Commands will consider NHW as part of their community engagement strategy

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Operational Programs, Crime Prevention Team will provide advice and support to Local Area Commands regarding NHW

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Local Area Commands will maintain contact with the NHW groups operating within their Command


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How do I get involved?
Neighbourhood Watch Brochure
(Blue faces tri-fold - 281kb)

Provided by
Tweed Valley NHW Group

Neighbourhood Watch
Australasia brochure (1.6mb)

Neighbourhood Watch Guidelines
March 2015 (239kb)

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