SARO Video Transcript

Sexual assault is a serious crime. New South Wales police understand that the

victims reporting and that it can be difficult and bring back memories that are of an

extremely distressing and traumatic time. We have experienced detectives that can

take your statement if you wish to formally report the matter and also to discuss the procedure that may follow. We also understand that not all victims want the incident to be formally investigated. New South Wales police created a questionnaire that can be completed anonymously if you wish, providing information about the assault. This information will be used to help to identify amongst other things, patterns of behaviour in sexual offenders, most importantly, it may help solve

other crimes and potentially prevent another person from becoming a victim. Information has been provided with the questionnaire, that should address any concerns you may have. We understand that providing this information is part of your recovery, if you need some support please consider speaking with a sexual

assault counselor. Contact details for the police service have been included for your information. Please understand that completing this questionnaire is not an alternate or substitute for making an official complaint. If you want your matter investigated, please contact your nearest police station, but whatever decision you make, the choice is yours. You have the support of many people and organisations to help you along the journey towards recovery, I wish you well.