Community Issues

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There is a Crime Prevention Officer (CPO) at each of the 80 Local Area Commands across NSW.

These officers work closely with their communities to deliver local solutions to local issues. They coordinate the NSW Police Force's crime prevention and reduction initiatives with those of other government, welfare, business and community sectors at a local level.

These initiatives include:

  • Safer By Design program (this involves working with local government to apply Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CEPTED) principles to development applications):
  • Community Safety Audits;
  • Community Safety Precinct Committee;
  • Neighbourhood Watch and other 'Watch' programs such as Business Watch and the Marine and Rural Watch Programs

At a number of commands CPOs are supported by Volunteers in Policing (VIP's) .

Crime prevention and reduction is not only a police responsibility; the community have an important role to play in preventing and reducing crime. For more information on how you can assist please contact the Crime Prevention Officer at your Local Area Command.

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