Aviation Support Branch (Air Wing)

The Aviation Support Branch is primarily concerned with the Commissioner's priority of reducing crime. However, where the need arises the branch will support searches for missing bushwalkers, vessels or aircraft, specialised rescue missions, bushfire fighting and reconnaissance.

Each year, the branch flies in excess of 1000 hours and has conducted successful operations in the seizure of drugs and property, the arrest of offenders and the locating or rescuing of many people.

To increase its effectiveness, the branch deploys modern technology such as the use of Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) systems to assist with searches. Specialist equipment including rescue winches, Nite sun searchlights (30 million candle power), DVP communications and Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) navigation systems is also used when appropriate.

The Branch utilises a fleet of four helicopters including a Kawasaki BK-117, which in partnership with NSW Fire Brigades, is used to respond to major incidents including Hazmat, Urban Search & Rescue and Bush Fire & Natural Hazard operations.
The Aviation Support Branch is available to assist police, on a call out basis, 24 hours a day and can deploy anywhere in the State, on relatively short notice.