Puppy Raising Program

The NSW Police Dog Unit is currently looking for dedicated and enthusiastic people to volunteer their time in socialising and developing young potential Police Dogs.

Raising a young potential Police Dog is a huge responsibility but one which is very rewarding.

Are you able to become a NSW Police Puppy Raiser? Can you answer 'YES' to the following?

  • You live in Sydney, no further than Penrith, Wollongong or Hornsby.
  • You have no other dogs on your property.
  • You have a fully fenced back yard with adequate shade and shelter from the elements.
  • You would not mind the NSW Police Dog Unit erecting a small portable puppy run in your backyard to house the pup in.
  • You are prepared to house train the pup which could mean a few messes on your new carpet!
  • You would be happy to play with the pup under the guidance of trained NSW Police Dog Unit staff to develop the puppy's play drive.
  • You would be able to accommodate the puppy's initial feeding requirements of 2 - 3 meals per day, on a recommended diet from the NSW Police Dog Unit.
  • You could teach the puppy how to correctly walk on lead based on the requirements of the NSW Police Dog Unit.
  • You could provide a pup with the exercise and attention it requires.
  • You are prepared to teach the puppy manners based upon the guidelines given to you by the NSW Police Dog Unit.
  • You are able to socialise the puppy in many different places and expose him to various sounds, sights and smells.
  • You can groom the potential Police dog daily.
  • You are vigilant and able to detect early signs of illness or injury.
  • You can tolerate naughty puppy behaviour such as chewing, digging, nipping and jumping.

In return, The NSW Police Dog Unit supplies the puppy's food, all necessary equipment, any required medication and all veterinary expenses.

All NSW Police Puppy Raisers are required to attend an Induction Day at the Dog Unit, Menai where you receive information about how to raise the potential Police Dog. You will receive ongoing support and training from the NSW Police Dog Unit.

You will be rewarded with the experience of raising a prospective Police Dog. You will be proud with the satisfaction of knowing that your time and input has helped your puppy become a valued and important member of the NSW Police Service.

If you believe that you can assist in developing a potential Police Dog, please speak to the NSW Police Dog Unit Puppy Raising Co-ordinator or call the Dog Unit on 9541 9744.

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The NSWPF Forster Carer Program was established to develop suitable dogs to be trained for duty within the NSWPF Dog Unit.

Preparing dogs to commence training in any of the demanding disciplines covered by the Dog Unit (general purpose, drug detection, explosive detection, cadaver detection, blood detection) is a full time undertaking and that is why the Dog Unit relies upon and appreciates the support of members of the community via our Dog Unit Foster Carers Program.

The enthusiasm, dedication and perseverance of Foster Carers is imperative to the endeavours of the NSWPF Dog Unit in preparing puppies for entry onto a Police Dog Training Course.  Foster Carers will have the opportunity to be a part of, and participate in the development of future Police Dogs.

Successful applicants will be responsible for the kennelling and security of their assigned dog; daily development activities; ensuring the daily health requirements are met and ensuring dogs are ready for their regular Dog Unit visits.  .

Dogs in our Foster Carer Program regularly return to the Dog Unit for ongoing and specific development training and therefore Dog Unit staff will require access to our fostered dogs to facilitate those contacts. Successful Foster Carer Applicants will be required to attend a Foster Carer Induction day and may be invited to help participate in ongoing development activities.

Foster Carers are volunteers and all activities are conducted in their own time. Foster Carers need to be willing to socialise their assigned dog in different environments at different times of the day and night.  Dogs in the Foster Carer Program vary in age from 12 weeks to15 months old and as such successful Forster Carer applicants need to be able to handle strong active dogs.

Applicants will be subject to a yard vulnerability assessment by Dog Unit staff and must have a yard that is no less than 40 square metres, secured by a boundary fence that is at least 1.5 metres high and able to house a 1.4 x 1.8 metre kennel within that yard.  Food, kennel and equipment is provided by the Dog Unit. Foster Carers need to reside within the Sydney Metro area.

Those interested in the Foster Carer Program should send a completed application form to the Dog Development Training Coordinator, Police Dog Unit, 581 Old Illawarra Road, Menai, NSW, 2234.

NSW Police Dog Unit Foster Carer Application Form

Police Dog Donation

Does your dog have what it takes to be a Police Dog?

A potential police dog must display:

  • High desire to play tug-o-war and fetch and article;
  • Physically sound and fit to carry out strenuous duties;
  • Intelligent, bold and keen to please;
  • No older than 18 months;
  • German Shepherd, Rottweiler or Belgian Malinois with certificate of pedigree or have the ability to obtain such certificate;
  • In good health and up to date with all vaccinations, intestinal worming and heart worm preventative;
  • Must be of sound temperament.

If you believe your dog does have what the NSW Police Force requires in a potential Police Dog and would like to have your dog assessed by the NSW Police, please fill out the Canine Acquisition form and fax to;

NSW Police Dog Unit
Attn: Puppy Raising Coordinator
Fax: 9541 9712