State Protection Group (SPG)

The State Protection Group was established in 1991 to deal with a wide range of extraordinary policing responses to situations, which are beyond the scope, or capacity, of police generally.  The SPG directly support operational police in 'High Risk' incidents such as sieges with a specialist tactical, negotiation, intelligence and command support service. The command also provides support with rescue and bomb disposal operations, operations requiring the services of the Dog Unit. The SPG is also responsible for the delivery and maintenance of the Police Service firearms capability through the Police Armoury.


To provide extraordinary services to operational police in rescue, bomb disposal, high risk resolution, negotiation, specialised dog unit and Armoury services.

Principle Roles

  • Resolving siege and hostage situations, as well as armed offender situations;
  • Providing a negotiation service in high risk and critical situations;
  • Undertaking searches of premises in high risk situations;
  • The arrest of armed and dangerous offenders;
  • Escorting and securing dangerous prisoners in high risk situations;
  • Providing support services for major operations;
  • Rescue and bomb disposal operations;
  • The escort and security of VIPs;
  • Providing specialist engineering services and supply of ammunition and firearms for the NSW Police Service through the Armoury.