State Crime Command

The State Crime Command (SCC) is made up of 12 squads headed by a Squad Commander, and a number of support units. Each squad specialises in particular types of crime. The support, co-ordination and management of all of the Squads is the responsibility of the Commander of the SCC, who is assisted by the following Directorates and Units within the Command:

  • Organised Crime Directorate
  • Serious Crime Directorate
  • Intelligence Directorate
  • Business Services Directorate
  • Professional Standards Unit

There are also services throughout the NSW Police Force that provide support and assistance to the SCC as part of their core business. They include; Forensic Services Group, Special Services Group, Corporate Human Resources, Field Training and the Professional Standards Command.

Organised Crime Directorate

Drug Squad

The Drug Squad provides advice and direction to the NSW Police Force response to illicit drug crime as well as leading and conducting investigations into upper level distribution and manufacture of illicit drugs.

Firearms & Organised Crime Squad

Firearms & Organised Crime Squad has four primary investigative responsibilities:

  1. Investigation and prosecution of persons involved in the manufacture,  trafficking and/or possession of illicit firearms and military style weapons.
  2. Investigation and prosecution of Organised Crime Groups who possess/use firearms in furtherance of their criminal activities.

Gangs Squad

The Gangs Squad leads and drives the NSW Police response to Gang related crime at all levels. This is done through the development of tactical and strategic intelligence products, policy advice and the provisions of specialist investigative services in response to serious and organised gang related crime, particularly those involving Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs and other Organised Crime Networks.

Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad

The Squad conducts multi level investigations and develops intelligence products on Middle Eastern Organised Crime groups including those who have a propensity for violence.

Organised Crime Squad

  1. To work with the NSW Crime Commission and other agencies to identify, target and investigate high level organised crime activity, identities and groups impacting on NSW;
  2. To investigate organised crime activity within the precinct of 'The Star' Casino;
  3. To investigate organised crime activity within the NSW racing industry;
  4. To investigate money laundering activity, the proceeds of crime and seize  criminal assets; and
  5. To investigate transnational trafficking in illicit commodities and the provision of illicit services that impact NSW by criminal networks stemming from East Asia and other jurisdictions.

Serious Crime Directorate

Fraud and Cybercrime Squad

The Fraud Squad leads and drives the NSW Police Force response to Fraud, Computer Crime, Assets Confiscation and Identity Crime. This is achieved through the development of strategic policy, intelligence products, best practice and provision of specialist investigative services across this crime spectrum.

Homicide Squad

The Homicide Squad leads and drives the NSW Police Force response to homicide and Coronial investigations at all levels. This is achieved through the development of tactical intelligence products, policy advice and the provision of good practice and specialist investigative service.

Child Abuse Squad

The Child Abuse Squad is comprised of detectives who are specially trained to investigate crimes against children, including sexual assault, physical abuse and serious cases of neglect. The squad works in partnership with the Department of Family and Community Services and NSW Health, with specialised tri-agency teams based at metropolitan and regional locations throughout NSW.

Requests for information to the Child Abuse Squad under Chapter 16A

Child Abuse Squad offices/officers may provide information on Child Abuse Squad led investigations ONLY.
If you are requiring information on criminal history, events relating to family dynamics (including child at risk reports and domestic violence reports), your request should be made directly to the Local Area Command (LAC) or the Operational Information Agency (OIA).
If further information/guidance/assistance is required, please contact:
the nearest Local Area Command (LAC)
the Operational information Agency (OIA) ions_and_information_group

The Child Abuse Squad will not provide information which belongs to another agency. This includes requests for information for the Child Abuse Squad to obtain or provide information from the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS), NSW Department of Education, NSW Department of Health, NSW Office of the Children's Guardian, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) and any Interstate or Federal Agency. If you require information from another agency, please apply to the relevant agency directly.

The Child Abuse Squad do not provide clearance, nor advice, regarding Working with Children Checks. You can contact the Office of Children's Guardian for information on Working with Children Checks.

All requests for information under Chapter 16A of the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998, which are specifically related to a Child Abuse Squad (CAS) led investigation should be forwarded to:

Please find the form for Requests for information to the Child Abuse Squad under Chapter 16A of the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998

Property Crime Squad

The Property Crime Squad leads and drives the NSW Police response to motor vehicle theft/re-birthing, arson (structural fires and bushfires) and property crime, including major breaking offences on commercial warehouses and distribution centres and the receivers of the property subject of those offences. This is done through the development and implementation of strategy, policy, intelligence products, best practice and provision of specialist investigative services across the three crime disciplines.

Robbery & Serious Crime Squad

The Robbery & Serious Crime Squad charter focuses upon the crime disciplines of: Armed Robbery, Product Contamination, Extortion, and Kidnap for Ransom.

Sex Crimes Squad

The Sex Crimes Squad was established to ensure provision of a specialist sexual assault response to support Local Area Commands across NSW.

It is acknowledged that the roles and functions of this Squad are closely aligned with JIRS. As such, this will entail a close and ongoing working relationship between the two Squads.

Intelligence Directorate

The Director Intelligence, State Crime Command is the Corporate Spokesperson for Intelligence in the NSW Police Force and is responsible for the professional development and capability of intelligence with the NSW Police Force. The Director is also responsible for all intelligence functions within State Crime Command and is the central coordination point for the provision of high level advice on crime to the State Crime Command Commander, NSW Police executive and external agencies.

Business Services Directorate

The Directorate has a key role in ensuring squad support and service delivery approach is in place to underpin the strategic and governance framework of the State Crime Command. As the primary leader for the management and implementation of business systems and administrative services, the Directorate has a strong commitment to effective and efficient management within a cohesive and transparent framework which contributes to the achievement of both the State Crime Command and Corporate Goals. This includes a significant operational function in relation to Human Resource Management, Financial & Accounting Management, Resource Management and administrative support, with a primary focus on business strategy, risk and compliance.

The Business Services Directorate is headed by the Director who works collaboratively with the other members of the executive management team and Squad Commanders to investigative crime in the State of NSW. The Business Services Directorate provides operational support and administrative services to ensure that SCC can conduct its investigative functions in the most effective and efficient way.

Professional Standards Unit

The role of the Professional Standards Unit is to professionally manage the complaint handling process within State Crime Command. The manager of the Professional Standards Unit reports directly to the Commander State Crime Command.

The functions and responsibilities of the State Crime Command Professional Standards Unit include:

  • The receipt and assessment of complaint matters in keeping with the legislative requirements under Part 8A of the Police Act 1990 and Public Sector Management Act.
  • Management of complaints and managerial issues involving State Crime Command staff, including the allocation of resources to identify and investigate complaint issues.
  • Identifying, managing and reporting corruption risks.
  • Ensuring professional and ethical standards of State Crime Command are maintained.
  • Provide support to the SCC Squad Commanders in all areas of complaint management.
  • Provide advice, guidance, training and support to State Crime Command personnel in relation to complaint handling processes.
  • Liaise with the Office of the Ombudsman, Police Integrity Commission, Internal Witness Support Unit and Professional Standards Command.
  • Oversight complaint databases including C@ts.i to ensure professional and timely service.
  • Maintain confidentiality of sensitive material.
  • Facilitate the Complaints Management Meeting and provide advice to the Complaints Management Team.