About eyewatch

Eyewatch is a platform for the delivery of information to the community of NSW utilising Facebook as the network tool to create - 21st Century Neighbourhood Watch Communities. eyewatch will give community members the opportunity to participate in active crime prevention activities on line in their own homes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

21st Century Neighbourhood Watch Communities

They are

  • organised in precincts
  • providing information in real time
  • providing the opportunity to talk to experts

Key Activities

Our key activities includes

  • To provide a forum for crime and anti social behaviour issues without the hindrance of lifestyle and timeframes
  • To provide crime information and “Keep a Lookout Out For”
  • To facilitate guest speakers for important topics

Main Benefits

Main benefits of eyewatch are

  • Gives the community greater access
  • Real time engagement
  • Seeks a consensus on a problem
  • Provides accurate up to date information
  • Facilitates forums to find solutions
  • Creates an ability to provide feedback
  • Develops a high value community network