Horses of the Mounted Unit

image032 Historically the Mounted Police Commander prefers to select geldings, bay, brown, or black in colour. The type of horse donated or purchased must stand 16 hands or above and preferably be free of blemishes, and be between three and eight years of age. Currently the Mounted Unit will select almost any breed of horse, predominately geldings, with some mares; providing they are suitable in the vetting; temperament; trainability and stable environment.

The horses chosen to trial as Mounted Police mounts include a variety of breeds including a number of heavier horses such as warm bloods, draft horses and Clydesdale crosses. Historically horses were donated to the section, of which a number included ex-race horses with some notable big money winners including Arwon, Favoloso, and Patezza; all have given an excellent account of themselves whilst carrying out Mounted Police duties.

The training of horses is conducted by the Mounted Police and may take a new mount up to two years before they have completed all facets of duties. The horses are spelled throughout the year to allow them time to relax and enjoy life outside their working duties. Police horses are allocated troop horse names upon transfer to the section, with some very apt historical names being chosen such as Souvla Bay, Anzac and RAS.