Police Blue Ribbon Insurance Scheme

Police Blue Ribbon Insurance (PBRI) benefits are available to Police Officers (including Probationary Constables) employed after 1 April 1988 who are incapacitated as a result of being injured on or off duty.

These benefits include Income Protection Payments, Total and Permanent Disability Benefits and Death Benefits. SASS members who are insured with Additional Benefit Cover are eligible for income protection payments.

Changes to On Duty Benefits 2013

Changes to the Police Blue Ribbon Scheme announced in June 2013, will provide enhanced benefits for on duty injuries by:

  • Increasing income protection from up to 5 years to up to 7 years at 75% of pre-injury salary; and
  • Providing an adjusted total and permanent disability (TPD) lump sum benefit.

These changes will become effective 1st October 2013.

A hotline and SMAC box have been set up to assist officers who may have enquiries on the PBRI changes. They can be reached on e/n 29177 (8835 9177), e/n 28210 (8835 8210) or at #PBRI.

Further Information

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