National Police Service Medal (retrospective)

National Police Service Medal

Message from the Commissioner

On 12 April 2014, the Commonwealth announced the National Police Service Medal will extend to recognise all service on or after 14 February 1975, the date on which the Australian Honours System was established.

This is welcome and well-deserved recognition of former officers and a decision I feel certain will be well received by the officers themselves and by the communities which they commendably served.

At this early point, with administrative procedures to be developed and  a large number of newly eligible candidates, it is not possible to indicate when the award of the National Police Service Medal to former officers will take place.  Updates and announcements will be posted on the NSW Police Website ( as soon as further information is to hand.

The Prime Minister’s press release on the extension of the award of the medal to former officers can be found on the Prime Minister's website.

National Police Service Medal update

The Honours, Symbols and Territories Branch of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet have now made available the approved application form for the National Police Service Medal for former members of Australian police forces who believe they meet the criteria for the award.

Adobe Acrobat PDF National Police Service Medal Application Form

Former members who believe they meet the criteria for the National Police Service Medal are invited to download the application form, read the information and instructions, complete the form and mail it to the relevant jurisdiction, as indicated on the application form. Original documents must be mailed.